Discussing the Basics of Applying Natural-Looking Makeup for a Fresh Look


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One of the most important basics of applying makeup is to be properly prepared. There are a number of steps involved in preparing for makeup, including removing make-up, priming, and foundation. Many women forget one of the most important steps of all: the foundation.

Here are a few tips on how to apply the right foundation for the best possible look. Begin by washing and pressing the skin with a mild soap or cleanser. Washing your face should always be the first step of any makeup application. Make sure that you remove all make-up, if you have it, and cleanse your face to get rid of any excess skin.

Then, using an appropriate primer, such as a concealer or foundation, you are ready to begin applying makeup. Begin by lining the contours of your face. Using an appropriate foundation is vital; some people have difficulty finding the right color foundation and so it’s much better to find one that matches your natural skin tone.

When applying makeup around the eyes, it’s not a bad idea to use a bit of powder so that the eyes don’t look drawn. Once the foundation is applied, use a small amount of powder and blend it into the skin to make a smooth surface. You can then apply the eye shadow and eyeliner.

Next, use a clean, soft bristle brush to apply powder. The brush should be dipped into the powder but should not actually touch the powder. The idea is to make the bristles soft, not hard, with which to create a gentle application. Brush application should be done in concentric circles, covering the entire lid area.

Any excess powder can be cleaned with makeup remover, or, if desired, applied to the top lash line after finishing the application. After applying eye shadow, you should focus on using a darker shade under the eye to define the shape of the eye. To apply eyeliner, you’ll want to first line in the lower half of the eyelid, stopping just below the crease.

Then, using a white or clear eyeliner, draw a line about half-way down the lower lid and one-half inch above the eyebrow. If you wish, you can use a curling iron to curl this line upward. Finish the look with a bit of smudged eye shadow, preferably with a bit of shimmer.

Using an eyeliner pencil, fill in any gaps in the lines and blend in any natural shapes. You can also add a few drops of color to the crease to define your eyes. To complete the look, use a bright cosmetic blush and apply a few dainty curls to the upper and lower lids. Brush off any excessive blush with a tissue.

When applying makeup to the face, the most important thing to remember is to choose a product that compliments your skin tone. Begin by lining the jawline with a neutral-colored concealer and light foundation. It’s best to use a little concealer, which will help to even out the complexion.

Next, use a sheer, natural blush. Finally, apply a natural eyeliner to define the eye and add some drama with a brush. There are countless other details that go into the basics of applying makeup, but these are the most basic and important steps.

Remember that when you begin to learn to do makeup, it doesn’t matter where you begin as long as you start somewhere and work your way up. And never be afraid to experiment with new things and new cosmetics that you have been told are perfect for you.

The worst that could happen is that you’ll find that they don’t work well on you. However, that is better than spending money on cosmetic products that are bad and damaging to your skin! Lastly, be sure to check out this write-up on applying natural foundation and why it is highly recommended by experts.