Cleaning Your Marble Shower Floor with Care – How to Do It in Easy Steps


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Marble is one of the most popular materials for construction and home decorating, but there are also disadvantages to cleaning marble showers and other surfaces. If you have a marble shower floor, chances are good that you have spent quite a bit of money to give your bathroom and other parts of your home a magnificent look.

There’s nothing worse than stepping out of the shower onto a cold marble surface with a wet and slippery floor. That’s why it’s extremely important to learn how to properly clean a marble shower floor. You don’t want to ruin your floor or tile, but you do want to keep it looking great so that you can enjoy your new bathroom space.

The best thing to do when cleaning marble shower tiles is to make sure that you sweep up and mop the floor as soon as you get out of the shower. This will help you avoid staining the tiles or causing any water seepage into the stone.

Another good way to keep your marble tile clean is to use products specifically designed to clean marble and like so many other household items, marble has a wide variety of cleaning supplies. Just as you’d shop for anything made out of quality material, you should choose marble tile cleaning products carefully.

You want something that won’t damage the finish but will still leave it looking as amazing as it did the day you purchased it. Look for mild ingredients such as vinegar or citrus. You can also find special cleaners made from certain kinds of metal and ceramics.

For most people, cleaning a marble shower can be a snap. There are several simple steps that you can take to make sure the finish stays clean for years to come. Begin by rinsing the floor with warm, soapy water and mild detergent.

It’s best to do this up on a dryer, just as you would with anything else, to make sure any residue or dirt doesn’t get all over the tiles. When you dry off the floor, check for any streaks that may have been left behind by a dryer and make sure to brush them off.

Then, sweep or vacuum the floor with a wet vacuum. You can also use a broom with small sweeps. If there is any tile debris that has gotten on your marble shower floor, you’ll be able to easily remove it with a wet mop or damp cloth. If you still find yourself having to scrub the floor, then it’s time to use a commercial marble cleaner.

Many people prefer to use these as opposed to regular household cleaners as they are designed to not only get the grime up off the marble but to also get rid of odors. Some commercial cleaners will also provide the added benefit of being safe for people with allergies.

These are great for marble showers. Just make sure to follow the directions carefully. If these methods aren’t the answer, then perhaps the best option for you is to hire a professional to come in and do a complete marble shower floor cleanse.

This isn’t something you should take lightly. The chemicals involved can be quite dangerous and there is also the potential for harm to your well-being when working with such concentrated solutions. That being said, however, many people choose to do this job themselves, as it is far more affordable than having someone do it.

What’s more, is that you can save quite a bit of money in the process. As with any type of cleaning, it’s always important to follow safety procedures at all times. Do your homework. Look into the various types of chemical cleaners available.

And, above all, always be careful. Treat this project like any other and you’ll be very pleased with the end results. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and clean marble surfaces using the latest reliable products as shown on! You won’t regret it.