10 Reasons to Invest in a Toilet Exhaust Fan


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Bathroom exhaust fans are an indispensable component of healthy homes. Without them, pollutant and moisture buildup could result in harmful mold growth as well as trapped odors that need to be vented out of the bathroom.

Most homes come equipped with working exhaust fans, but if yours does not, here are 10 reasons to upgrade it:

1. Reduces Moisture and Humidity

Though a certain level of moisture in the air is beneficial to skin health, too much humidity and moisture can create issues in your bathroom. A toilet exhaust fan vents humidity and moisture out through vents in its entirety – keeping your bathroom feeling airy and fresh!

Moist air can harbor mold and mildew that causes respiratory issues for those living with asthma, while also eating away at porous materials like wallpaper and drywall. When not removed properly, moisture can even damage clothing and furniture.

An exhaust fan can help eliminate moisture build-up in your room and avoid mold and mildew spores that produce their unpleasant odors and harmful side effects. Plus, they prevent that annoying foggy mirror that persists after taking long showers or baths.

2. Reduces Smells

Bathroom exhaust fans are an effective solution to reduce unpleasant airborne smells that linger. These fans extract bacteria and odors from your plumbing system which could otherwise produce offensive sewer-smell odors.

Unventilated showers and bathtubs breed mould and mildew that stains surfaces inside and outside your home, staining walls and ruining paint finishes while also aggravating asthmatic attacks or respiratory illnesses among family members. Without ventilation, mould can fester without control, spreading throughout both structures in your home. Without air circulation in these spaces, mould and mildew flourish causing costly damage both physically and to health in general.

Masking these smells with candles and air fresheners offers temporary relief; however, they’re no permanent fix. A better long-term solution would be installing a toilet exhaust fan to improve bathroom odors and create cleaner air quality overall. A properly functioning vent also prevents these odors from spreading throughout your house through blocked or damaged vent ducts, potentially endangering young children, elderly individuals and those suffering from lung conditions.

3. Reduces Airborne Contaminants

Air fresheners in the bathroom may help mask unpleasant odors, but for real relief use a toilet exhaust fan. These fans work by continuously clearing away old and stale air while replacing it with fresh, clean air from outside; thus drastically improving bathroom odors.

Humidity can be more than an inconvenience: it can also contribute to mold and mildew growth – both health risks that pose particular threat for small children and those living with respiratory ailments. By installing a toilet exhaust fan in your bathroom, keeping humidity levels down helps stop this spread across your home.

4. Reduces Energy Bills

Installing a timer switch in your bathroom to control its exhaust fan and turn off after 20 minutes saves energy by stopping its continuous run-time and thus, saving money.

Bathroom humidity creates the ideal breeding ground for mildew, mold and other forms of fungus to form and cause irreparable damage to walls and floors. An exhaust fan helps keep humidity levels at an acceptable level and prevent spore growth by keeping humidity levels down and dissipating moisture away from walls and floors.

When purchasing an exhaust fan, look for one with a high performance rating and warranty. Also take into consideration your bathroom size to find one with sufficient operating capacity – one under 50 sone is recommended. Finally, when it comes to selecting one aesthetically, sonic rating should also be an important consideration – make sure it runs quietly!

5. Reduces Mold and Mildew

Moisture in your bathroom can create a host of issues, from mold growth and peeling wallpaper/paint, peeling wallpaper and paint, wood warping to structural damage over time. If left to accumulate for too long, moisture build-up could even damage buildings themselves!

Mold and mildew can be extremely hazardous if they come into direct contact with human breath. Breathing in these organisms may aggravate existing respiratory issues in small children as well as those living with asthma, leading to additional respiratory ailments and difficulties breathing normally. Furthermore, they are difficult to remove from surfaces.

An exhaust fan for your toilet can help alleviate these risks by venting excess humidity and moisture out of the house, so proper installation and a toilet ventilation fan are critical to maintaining comfort levels in your bathroom. Watch This Old House’s video on how to do it right; make sure the fan has enough CFM (cubic feet per minute) capacity to quickly clear moisture from the air.

6. Reduces Noise

Many homeowners take the humble toilet exhaust fan for granted. When working properly, it helps create an airy atmosphere while eliminating unpleasant odors and protecting against mold and mildew build-up in a room – yet when something goes amiss it can have serious repercussions. But when problems occur with its operation, problems can quickly multiply into something much bigger.

Humidity in a bathroom can rapidly damage paint, wall boards and fixtures as well as lead to moisture-related health problems like mold or asthma.

Temporary fixes like candles and air fresheners provide temporary solutions, but an exhaust fan is key to protecting your home against moisture damage in the long run. To make sure it does its job effectively, choose an exhaust fan that meets Home Ventilating Institute ventilation standards while operating with minimal noise – some models even feature lights or other features; to test its suction power use a square piece of toilet paper in front of it while it operates to determine its suction power.

7. Increases the Value of Your Home

Most people view bathroom exhaust fans as optional features rather than essential fixtures in their bathrooms, yet this small but important fixture plays a vital role in creating an ideal living environment.

Bathrooms can be small spaces with limited air circulation. This creates the ideal conditions for mold, mildew, and other airborne contaminants to thrive and become harmful to both you and your family’s health.

Exhaust fans are an easy and cost-effective way to improve indoor air quality in bathrooms and ensure the health of you and your family. If your bathroom doesn’t already have one, install one as soon as possible! Your family will thank you, while our team can assist with selecting an exhaust fan suitable for your home – call now!

8. Increases Comfort

If your home is the boss, bathroom exhaust fans are one of its most essential employees. They help reduce mold spores, airborne contaminants and unpleasant odors without needing chemical-laden solutions like candles and air fresheners.

Moisture and humidity provide the ideal breeding grounds for mold, mildew, allergens, and other harmful allergens that can wreak havoc on furniture and paint alike. Venting moisture outside through a fan prevents these problems while protecting family health while increasing comfort levels.

Some bathroom exhaust fans even come equipped with built-in amenities like nighttime lighting and humidity sensors, making them more appealing than ever. But the key to finding a quality fan that offers reliable performance at value for your money lies in choosing one with a high HV1 rating, low noise emissions, and simple installation to reap long-term advantages.

9. Reduces the Risk of a Fire

Fires often start in homes when an exhaust fan malfunctions and vents combustible dust and fumes into a room. Exhaust fans must be regularly cleaned to reduce risk, only running for short periods at a time in order to protect the motor from overheating which could spark an ignition source resulting in fire.

If you detect a burning smell from your fan, shut it off immediately and contact a licensed electrician to inspect its circuit and wires. Furthermore, consider switching any incandescent bulbs out for energy-saving LEDs that reduce load on electrical circuits while keeping motor temperatures down.

If your bathroom doesn’t already feature ventilation fans, consider having one professionally installed by an electrician, HVAC tech or handyperson with experience in such projects. The cost can usually be lower than replacing damaged drywall and wallpaper; select one with ETL or UL certification to ensure it meets stringent safety and performance standards.

10. Adds Value to Your Home

An effective bathroom exhaust fan is an invaluable addition to your home and can prevent mold, mildew and other forms of contamination that damage paint, fixtures and wall boards.

As with any major purchase, select a bathroom exhaust fan with an excellent CFM rating and is covered by an extended warranty in case anything goes wrong. Furthermore, ensure it carries ETL or UL certification to guarantee safety standards are met during use.

Installing a bathroom fan correctly requires following an effective venting path with minimum bends; otherwise, air can return into the home through warped joists or insulation, warping joists. For this reason, hiring an experienced HVAC professional to install it would be wise; they have all of the tools and experience needed for this task and can advise you about which fan best fits with your needs and budget.