Distract Yourself

The best way to combat bad thoughts is to keep yourself from thinking them, as long as you keep yourself busy you will avoid sinking in to the depressing thoughts. If you or a loved one is exhibiting suicidal tendencies, try to give them an activity to distract them from thinking those thoughts, a great website have a great page regarding this, I will post link at the end later.

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There are a lot of simple things that can get your mind busy allowing you to free yourself from falling into the abyss of dark thoughts. Whenever you or your loved one feels down try doing the following:

  • Watch a funny or exciting movie
  • Play a game; video game, board game, or something active
  • Talk to someone about fun things
  • Listen to happy cheerful music (I recommend “Happy” by Pharrell Williams)
  • Do some work around home like cleaning carpets
  • Go out with friends

Basically do anything that makes you happy. Check out Rockford plumber

Here’s one suicide prevention website that explains it better: http://www.suicidestop.com/distractions.html