TRUST is the Daughter of TRUTH. She has an objective memory, neither embellishing nor denying the past. She is an ideal confidant-gracious, candid and discreet.

Books, DVD's, Movies and CD's that got me through.....Resourse's I'd like to share

BOOKS; TRANSFORMERS-The Artists of Self Creation by Jaquelyn Small
Choosing Happiness. Life and Soul Essentials by Stephanie Dowrick
The Second Half of Life by Angeles Arrien
Mystical Dreams by George Helou and Bernard Ross
AMBIKA's Guide to Healing and Wholeness by Ambika Wauters
Song to thee Devine Androgyne; Seven Steps to Heaven by Rowena Pattee
The Book of Qualities by J.Ruth Gendler
TRUTH; In the Heart of Time by Nicky Robertson
A Feminist Guide to Psychic Development by Diane Mariechild

Cloudy's Inquest

After nearly three years the inquest was finally held into the death of Deb's daughter Cloudy. Deb had two key objectives - to challenge the secrecy around suicide in NZ and to present evidence that would lead the coroner to make recommendations for change in a number of areas.


All go in the CASPER office (aka my lounge) this week! Deb's daughter Cloudy's inquest is on Wednesday almost three years after her death. The path to the inquest has been torturous being made far more difficult than it had to be by those who are supposed to be facilitating the process.

I am so angry

It has been reported today that the McKeown family have been ordered to pay $11,000 to the DHB responsible for their son's care at the time he suicided while in a psychiatric facility. The HDC report shows that Anthony was diagnosed with 'factitious disorder' ie according to his psychiatrists had no mental disorder and was making up his symptoms. That didn't stop them putting him on a range of anti-psychotic and other psychotropic drugs.

People who can help

In the past few weeks have met so many wonderful people who are offering help services for people suffering loss and trauma. At CASPER we are not in a position to endorse any of these services but I'm encouraging people to post something about what they offer and their contact details on the forum. This lets people know what is available and that there really are lots of choices out there for people seeking support.


Went to the ShoreSafe presentation on Thursday. First up they showed a webcast from SPINZ which had a doctor making the claim that those who recieve treatment almost never go on to commit suicide. When I asked how they reconciled that with the report of the DG of Mental Health in October that those under the care of MH services are 25 times more likely to suicide than non service users they said they hadn't read the report.

Trip to Sydney to film DVD on Suicide

Last week I was asked to go to Sydney, Australia to be interviewed for a DVD on the role of psychiatry and psychotropic drugs in suicide. Having just returned from a round trip to a conference which involved 10 hours driving and dealing with the death of Toran's cat Bug, I was tired and emotional and worried I wasn't up to the task of telling Toran's story for the cameras. From the moment I arrived in Sydney however I felt really energised.

What about us?????

The Chief Coroner seems to have his head firmly around the need to investigate the systemic (not just individual)causes of classes of sudden deaths to see what lessons can be learned. In the last week or so he has ordered inquiries into cycle deaths and the Pike River mine deaths. There were five cycle deaths in a week. Twenty fine people died in the mine. 541 PEOPLE DIED FROM SUICIDE LAST YEAR JUDGE MCLEAN - AN AVERAGE OF 10 PER WEEK. Why are you not ordering an inquiry into suicide in NZ?


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