5 Reasons To Visit Las Vegas


Las Vegas, you can’t find another city like it! You can argue places like Monaco or Macau is similar or even better, but this is where it all began. The neon lights that welcomes you to a place where your luck could change your life for better or worse; a beacon that lights  the way to paradise in the middle of the vast ocean of sands.  Here are five reasons why you should visit it:

#1 Nature and Adventure

You’d often picture trees and greenery when you talk about the great outdoors, but the beauty of nature transcends land covered in vegetation. The desert has its own charms that will amaze you if you only know where to look. Unique vegetation and animals that are adapted to the environment are things of beauty. Enjoy them by visiting several nature preserves near the city, or though Hiking, ATV, or if you have the money for a pleasant helicopter ride.

#2 The Shows

With all the luxury hotels making money all over the city, they have the money to hire arguably the best shows in the world. Be it a Magic show that will leave you in awe or wonder; a Comedy show that will make you laugh until your belly hurts; or the simple performance of a veteran and new stars that will leave you amazed of how a room could be filled with so many talented people.

#3 Cosmetic Surgery

There is no shame in wanting to improve your image and Las Vegas is a great place to do it. They have the best doctors in cosmetic surgery. When you look at those beautiful girls dancing in the shows, it’s because of breast augmentation surgeons did a great job to make them stand out of the crowd.

#4 The Food

Be it the level of Michelin star restaurants or just a great burger you can find it in Vegas. Casinos and hotels alike give great room service and incredible buffets. New York may have great restaurants, and Paris may be considered the place that has the best chefs. But Las Vegas is the place to be when you want it plentiful and good! Numerous choices form the most exquisite to the most rustic.

#5 Gambling

It may be a given when you say Las Vegas, but it is the best place to test out your luck. You could go to other places, maybe Atlantic City it’s a pretty good place, but nothing can beat Vegas! Sometimes they even give you a little money to start out.

The city that is Las Vegas has a lot to offer. I highly recommend that you at least visit the city once, you might not know what you could find, maybe even a new life.