If Not Mental Health Services Where Can I Get Help?

At the same time people are becoming more aware of the failure of the mental health system to understand and respond to emotional distress, they find that every helping agency they approach offers the mental health system as the only referral pathway. Call any number of helplines and all are likely to suggest that your distress is a mental disorder and to suggest you follow the medical model and see your GP or a mental health professional.

If you are aware of the range of alternatives to this model you may find them out of your reach financially as they do not attract government subsidies.

At CASPER we develop partnerships with those who can help without medicalising distress and without using harmful labels and drugs.

Today we are featuring the services of Jane Scott. Jane is an emotional freedom coach who uses a range of evidence based modalities to assist people to overcome despair, worry, fear and other emotions that prevent them from achieving their potential and creating the life they want for themselves.

Jane offers special deals for CASPER clients to ensure that they are able to access her services without creating financial stress. In some cases, her services may be free for those who are referred by CASPER.

She is based on the North Shore in Auckland, NZ but if you contact her through her website may be able to refer you to colleagues offering similar services in other cities or to provide services via skype or phone.

The testimonials on Jan'es website show the amazing results she achieves. You can read more about Jane, her work and her results on her website at http://www.janescott.co.nz/


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