A-OK Day

On the 20th March CASPER in conjunction with the MISS Foundation is launching A-OK day - a day on which we perform acts of kindness in memory of someone who has died from suicide.

Kindness is the cornerstone of suicide prevention. An act of kindness says 'you're not alone' and 'you matter.'

How do you participate? Its simple! A-OK day cards will be available from Number One Shoes stores around New Zealand. Get some cards, fill in the name of the person you are doing an act of kindness in memory of and spread some kindness.

You might give the cashier an extra $5.00 when you buy a coffee and leave a card so the next person who comes in gets a free coffee and knows its in memory of your loved one. You might bake a cake and leave it at the local childrens' hospital for parents with sick children, or record a talking book for a care facility for older people. You might weed someone's garden, wash a car, leave some bottles of bubble mixture at a park or a million other things that might bring a smile to someone's face.

Don't forget to leave your A-OK day card so the recipient knows the kindness they have received is in memory of someone who has died from suicide... and so you know your loved one continues to bring happiness to the world.

And don't forget to post your story of performing or receiving an act of kindness on our facebook page.