Distract Yourself

The best way to combat bad thoughts is to keep yourself from thinking them, as long as you keep yourself busy you will avoid sinking in to the depressing thoughts. If you or a loved one is exhibiting suicidal tendencies, try to give them an activity to distract them from thinking those thoughts, a great website have a great page regarding this, I will post link at the end later.

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There are a lot of simple things that can get your mind busy allowing you to free yourself from falling into the abyss of dark thoughts. Whenever you or your loved one feels down try doing the following:

  • Watch a funny or exciting movie
  • Play a game; video game, board game, or something active
  • Talk to someone about fun things
  • Listen to happy cheerful music (I recommend “Happy” by Pharrell Williams)
  • Do some work around home like cleaning carpets
  • Go out with friends

Basically do anything that makes you happy.

Here’s one suicide prevention website that explains it better: http://www.suicidestop.com/distractions.html

Depression Due To Environmental Factors

It is interesting how we have reached the conclusion of depression due to symptoms we read online. Similarly, it is interesting how many people thinks they are depressed without even consulting a professional. It is important to know that sometimes depression can be the cause of environmental factors beyond that of emotional of psychological. Through some research, we have figured out that a good percentage of the people we have studied, people who stated that they think they are suffering from depression was suffering due to medical or environmental factors.

First, the person who suffered from environmental factors: A few people in our study showed to have been using chemicals around the house for cleaning and pesticides. Through a brief phone call to Pest Control Company Grapevine; their expert on pesticides told us that a good amount of common pesticides used at home, and some present in food from chemicals used in farms could actually cause fatigue and loss of appetite, along with a few other symptoms you might think would actually be suffering from depression. We reached out to many local bail bond companies and the San Diego bail bondsmen helped to fund our latest campaign to prevent depression,

People with some medical issues, like some who are slightly hypoglycemic, can also associate the symptoms with depression. All in all, it is important to seek the advice of a medical expert before concluding you, or a family member has depression, eliminating possible other serious illness or critical environmental factors first.

Helping A Friend In A Suicide Crisis

The mother of my high school best friend called me to tell me what happened to Jill. We met in high school, and I must say that we have been together through thick and thin. We just lost touch when they moved to Denver following the job promotion of her mom. It may have been tough on Jill. She would often message me to meet up, but I haven’t got the chance because of the demands of college. Now, I got a frightening call from her mother saying that Jill is in bad shape and would only talk to me. The parents of Jill picked me up at the airport and spoke to me about the condition of Jill. I did not expect to hear that she is hurting herself. It is very far from the cheerful girl I met in high school. I could not believe my eyes. Her parents asked me to talk to Jill and to help them to get through to her. I just said I would do whatever I can. I am only a sophomore in my Psychology course and can only talk to Jill as a friend, though I wish I could do more. I called my mom about the situation, and she reassured me that I could only be there to be her friend. I should not worry about giving the right advice. Just a listening ears and a kind heart should do. Jill’s parents brought me to her house. As I came in, I was surprised with the mess. I even saw crawling pests around. Her parents explained that Jill doesn’t want anything to be touched. So, I ignored everything and just hugged Jill when I saw her sitting in the dining room. We were both in tears. I am hurt as much as she is hurt. She just told me that her fiancé broke their engagement. She is utterly devastated and said that she no longer have any motivation to live. I was surprised that she didn’t tell me she is already engaged but I did not push on the subject. I just listened to her and be the crying shoulder that she needs.  We appreciate the support of our friends at carpet cleaning Atlanta and carpet cleaning Utah companies for helping in our fundraisers. After she had talked, it was my moment to tell her that I am always her friend and even though we are apart, I care for her deeply. I even encouraged her to come with me to university so she can continue her studies. I am happy to see the twinkle in her eyes come back at the prospect of having her life back. I took that queue to tell her that her parents are waiting for her and are so worried. In jest, I also mentioned that her house needs to have a major cleaning. We just laughed as if nothing happened. She had a heartfelt talk with her parents while I call the pest control to do something about the roaches and ants all over the pest (not to mention electrical wiring problems). These guys were kind enough to come at short notice. I was able to do some clean-up as well. I am relieved that everything turned out well. I was unprepared to deal with that event, but if you have a loved one who is showing a suicidal tendency, here are some ways to show that you care.

  • Never leave the person alone especially if your loved one seems to be resolved at what he is planning to do.
  • Voice out your concern and provide words of encouragement.
  • Listen and try to understand the problem at the person’s point of view.
  • Never judge and choose your words carefully when you talk to your loved one.

It is also important to suggest that outside intervention be sought. You can tell them to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 to help them cope and get through their crisis. They might refuse this idea but still write down the number so that your loved one can call the hotline when he is ready. Never ignore a call for help or signs of suicide crisis experienced by your loved one. They need our support and help to get through this stage.

Plastic Surgery Facts and Information

Plastic surgery has been getting a lot of negative media about it for quite a long time, often viewed as vain and unnecessary. People have failed to see the good it has done, both medically and socially; Often mistaken as something new that was made for the sake of vanity and money, the history of plastic surgery is overshadowed by movies and T.V. series that concentrates on the less admirable side of the medical practice, keeping people ignorant of the historical significance of it. It is essential to know the story of both sides before judging anything or anyone.

First some etymology; the word “Plastic” in Plastic surgery is commonly mistaken for the petroleum based product we can find in most of the items we use in our daily lives. In actuality the “Plastic” comes from the Greek word Plastike, meaning “to mold” or “Shape”.  The doctors actually use and manipulates live skin added or already on the patient for most procedures.

doctor doing a cosmetic surgery

The first mention of medical procedures that can be associated with plastic surgery can be found in Egyptian documents that date back 3000 years, though it is speculated that the procedures have existed with civilizations prior.  Ancient Romans used cosmetic surgery to erase scars from their backs, as it could be considered as a sign of a soldier turning away from the battle, a shameful act for any man of the legion.

In The Great War, soldiers that suffered severe burns were treated and later on put under cosmetic surgery to help them recover socially as well. If you think that they were used as mere test subjects for new medical procedures, you are not wrong but not also right. Doctors often encourage locals to treat the subjects well by inviting them into their homes. It was their goal to not only facilitate physical healing but social and emotional healing as well.

Today, many volunteer doctors in Torrance go to developing countries to preform plastic surgery. Children with cleft palates are now being treated, people who are treated as outcasts by less educated societies because of their deformities are now able to live normal and happy social lives.

In the case of elective cosmetic surgery in Columbus  Ohio, there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself. If it is the choice of the individual, we must respect it, for we will never know what social and personal challenges they are facing.